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Tailor-made offers

"MANEGERE is a pragmatic and operations oriented team which knows how to adapt itself to the specificities of its clients"

Crédit Agricole Normandie

MANEGERE guarantees customized interventions and pedagogical engineering :

Operational contributions that can be replicated in the daily life of participants,

A result-oriented approach with a motivating and interactive pedagogy,

An upstream preparation to improve their effectiveness during the seminar,

Facilitation by professionals who understand their challenges on the ground,

Post-training assistance to increase its impact on the changes needed by participants.


MANEGERE is also involved in designing ready-to-use training sessions to :

Revitalize your "in-house" training content,

Reinvigorate your trainers,

Involve  your managers in facilitating training modules even if they do not have the needed teaching tools,

Promote a strong message to your teams to impress the minds by using creative teaching and facilitation tools,

Promote a strong message to convey to your teams by marking minds by using an original training and animation support,

To achieve your goals, we make use of our sense of innovation, our educational know-how and our experience in developing training packages.

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