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Diagnostic Management & Digital

A broad spectrum diagnosis

This Management diagnosis is the first to take into account the importance of digital.

It offers an analysis of the entire managerial atmosphere of your organization on 5 key dimensions:

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Graciously test the diagnosis before deploying it in your organization.

The deployment on your organization

The wording of the questions is simple enough to make them understandable to all respondents.

Mapping the perception of all the actors is very easy:

a first link to get participants to respond,

a second link to follow in real time the cumulative responses and their comparison with the whole.

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Want to implement it in your organization and go further in the analysis and identification of your efficiency levers with concrete actions? Contact us at

Summary by hierarchical level


Age distribution




Gender distribution


Carry out your Diagnostic Management

The Diagnostic Management questionnaire can be implemented very easily in your entity.

Its use offers many advantages:

Active participation : the profile presented to each person at the end of the questionnaire encourages both personal reflection and dialogue between participants.

Automatic processing : your results are accessible online in real time, in different forms adapted to a fast analysis.

Full coverage : diagnosis of management and use of digital tools.

Possible comparison with all the answers available in the database (+700 August 2017).

  • If you wish to use the diagnostic alone, you will receive two links to have participants respond and track the cumulative results online.

  • If you choose the "feedback meeting" option, a consultant will contact you to organize this presentation.​

Our team is at your disposal to support you throughout your process:

adaptation of the diagnostic questionnaire, qualitative group management, management of the action plan, training,...

Carry out your Diagnostic Management

I want to use the Diagnostic Management with a feedback meeting including the analysis of the results, the preparation and the animation of the meeting: 3,000€ H.T. (up to 50 respondents, beyond, consult us) (price excluding travel expenses).

Réalier votre diagnostic Management

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