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The TMA method


What is the TMA method ?

This method makes it possible to reveal the talents of your employees and to understand the relationship between talents / drivers and skills of your employees to obtain the best results within the company.

With this performance contract, our motivation to succeed is as important as yours: our billing level depends on it. This is the assurance of a win-win partnership !

We thus work in the service of our respective performance!

Who is TMA for ?

The TMA questionnaire is intended for everyone: the manager, the employees present in the hierarchical organization chart of the company. Professionals from the business world, company executives, coaches and trainers, but also all those involved in recruitment, evaluation and mobility.

Why test the TMA Method by MANEGERE? 

MANEGERE is a performance management consulting firm. With more than 60 references in several countries, we are developing innovative and resolutely operational consulting and training approaches. 15 years around supporting the challenges of transformation and change management of CAC 40 companies, mid-size companies, SMEs and SMIs from all sectors of activity.

At MANEGERE, we believe that the assumptions and beliefs of employees influence their behavior which collectively determines the results of the company. 

We are convinced that the key to the success of any transformation is employee engagement.

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