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As part of our management interventions, we favor the operational aspect of daily management.

Nos interventions en management

For MANEGERE, it is fundamental that participants, potential managers, new manager or experienced managers acquire simple tools, easy to be used and applicable immediately.

The starting point of MANEGERE module concerns mechanisms of motivation of individuals, based on the principle that the role ot he manager is to give the desir to his each team member to combine the attainment of set objectives and progress in his work.

Then the objective is to be closed as possible to the day-to-day activity of participants by handing individual management tools :




Error handling

Fault management

Extra technical relationship

Concern interview

Remotivation interview


There are also collective management tools :

Kick of meetings

Positive assessment meeting

Unattained objective meetings

Each tool is worked on by putting participants in real life situation and putting together a technial sheet.

Team building workshops

The objective of these workshops is to think collectively of the work process as a team and distribution of tasks.

By means of various workshops, participants are led to manage varying situations and develop the ability to adapt to enexpected instructions.

Role plays or group activities expose the individual's response in a group.

These workshops target any manager who would like to reinforce team building by workinh on individual and team development, project management and cultural meditation.

These workshops take the form of themed sessions followed by debriefing and theoretical inputs :

Communication other than through words: enter into communication using the 3 levels oflanguage (verbal, vocal, visual). 

Quickly build team spirit.

Start a relationship : the subgroups must get to know each other.

Knowconstitute one starteam for project management: organize together and complete an unknown process. Integrate the rules of the game, know how to establish ahierarchy depending on skills. Manage conflicts within the group. 

Become aware of the impact of the group on the individual : facing a fear individually and overcoming it within the group. Manage pressure or exclusion from the group.

Dealing with an unexpected instruction in a given time: react quickly and organize among teammates.

To show creativity.

Find consensus within the team and adhere to it.


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