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5 pillars of excellence

To support a collective from performance to excellence : 5 pillars are necessary

Mobilized Collective towards tomorrow.gif

1- Le projet

On this 1st pillar, it is a question of having a shared vision, ideally, by all the employéés on :

Who are we ? → Our purpose,

Where are we going ? → Our vision at 3 or 5 years,

How will we know, in concrete terms, that the vision is materializing ? → Our strategic ambitions,

The path to achieve or vision → Our strategic axes,

Our values → Those was share to make the journey.

2- Motivation and individual benefits

To mobilize collectively around a project, each member of the collective must find personal benefit, individual motivation.

3- Focus and accountability

Once the project has been rolled out, and everyone benefits from it, everyone must still be able to identify their contribution to the overall project → their mission, objectives, activities and daily tasks.

4- Skills development and knowledge sharing

To move towards excellence, you have to constantly adapt and develop your skills. In a collective on this path, the sharing of knowledge, transversality, ascending and descending verticality become the daily operating mode.

5-  Governance and authority

Governance and authority system are known, clear and transparent to all.

"Between the strong and the weak, between the rich and the poor, between the master and the servant, it is freedom that oppresses and the law that sets free." 


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