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You wish to improve your Management Team's efficiency, as well as its ability to mobilize staff ? You'd like to develop sales performance or maximize personal efficiency as well as customer experience.

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1 formation 100% distanciel

de 4 jours & 2 coachings individuels

Formation Nouveau Manager


Your diagnosis Management & Digital

Analyze the managerial atmosphere of your organization on 5 key dimensions and thus identify your strengths and efficiency levers:


    / 5


Participant satisfaction figures 2022

Commercial effectiveness

    / 5


Content of the service : 4.6/5

Pace quality : 4.8/5

Teaching method and tools : 5/5

Content of the service : 5/5

Pace quality : 4/5

Teaching method and tools : 4.7/5

Operational efficiency

     / 5


Content of the service : 4.9/5

Pace quality : 5/5

Teaching method and tools : 4.1/5

Subjects where you strive for excellence

Tailor-made solutions to meet your specific excellence challenges


Create and sustainably maintain the mobilization and commitment of your employees.

Commercial effectiveness

Optimize the commercial performance of employees for improved customer satisfaction.

Operational efficiency

Strengthen the skills of employees for sustainable and peaceful productivity.​

Your trainings

Achieving your objectives or the success of your changes inevitably requires an increase in the operational skills of your employees.

Acquire the individual and collective operational tools and soft skills necessary to develop employee commitment and mobilization.

Appropriate knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills for efficient commercial relationships and lasting customer satisfaction.

Transformations in the work environment require developing new practices as well as the interpersonal skills of your employees.

Your tailor-made services

Our goal : to support you to ease and boost your transformations

Be there so you can take the lead on your current and prospective maximized

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