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MANEGERE is an international Performance Management consulting firm with offices in France and Africa.

Our mission is to guide toward excellence by improving the performance of organisations and team members and optimising human capital .

MANEGERE is specialised in management, commercial effectiveness, operational efficiency and entrepreneurship.
OUR DNA : Enthusiasm - Commitment - Creativity

Because we live each new project as a new challenge, we commit fully at your sides to build together creative and personalised solutions to guide you on the road of performance to excellence.”

Des compétences opérationnelles

Diagnostic-accompagnement-v2From Assessment to Guiding
In the face of  a client’s issue we make an assessment of the situation from the onset. Then we define together the desired situation. Finally, we put in place the actions necessary to attain the objectives ensuring their sustainability:Audit,Assessement,Consulting,Training,Recruitment.Team Building,Workshops,Coaching,Mentoring,Guidance. 

equationOur team’s beliefs

Any company that performs sustainably relies on the following 5 fundamental factors :Quality of the project,Motivating the teams,Giving responsibility to the team members,Constant training and fair use of authority.

managementClearly defined areas of activity

MANEGERE is specialised in management, commercial effectiveness, operational efficiency and entrepreneurship. 

Manegere France

With its headquarters in Paris the firm covers the whole of France in the 4 core areas  of the  group (Management Commercial effectiveness, Operational Efficiency, Entrepreneurship)  and develops a specific option : supporting professional mobility.

With offices in Abidjan, Accra, Niamey and Cotonou, Manegere Afrique is closer to the field. Besides the regular services of the group, the firm  also supports companies operating on the continent in the management of the quality of their services and recruitment.

Manegere Tunisie

With its headquarters in Tunis(Tunisia) the firm extends its activities over the Mahreb in the 4 areas of competence of the group with a perfect knowledge of the language and culture of the region.The consultants provide service in arab and have full mastery of its cultural specifics.

Manegere Education

Expert in training themes through partnerships with major players of tertiary education, research and the professional world, MANEGERE Education has positioned itself today as the partner for performance in the world of education.