Revealing performance & Creator of Excellence


entrepreneurship-01Setting-up one’s company is equal to being company manager and means creating value .


Creating value is a continuous  process and active in three 3 essential stages of the cycle of a company :

  • From birth of the project to the creation of the company
  • Operational launch of the project
  • Daily management of resources and cash flow


At each stage we apply its fundamental tools and essential methods.

It is at the first two stages that we position our program :

  • Move from a good idea to a realistic and viable project
  • Establish from the start the 5 fundamentals of companies that target excellence
  • Become the first sales person of one’s company
  • Become exemplary in one’s capacity to develop one’s company with skills
  • Become the first ambassador of the company in the relationship with clients

As part of our ISM method we we offer a 3 stage approach.


At this stage we ask you to present your company to us by developping the following 3 points :

  • Who are you ?
  • What do offer for sale?
  • What makes you different from your competitors ?


We offer service within  6 ½ day sequences spread over 3 months :

  • Session 1 : Clarify the creation of the  project together
  • Session 2 : We analyse your competence and your potential staff
  • Session 3 : Together we structure your organisation toward execellence
  • Session 4 : Together we build your company entrepreneur toolbox
  • Session 5 : We organise your tool box as the first business developper of your company
  • Session 6 : Apply your tool box as the first ambassador of your company in its client relationship dimension


We give you personalised support

  • On your first calls
  • On your first face to face appointments
  • By emails,by phone and on the field