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Commercial effectiveness


By Commercial effectiveness, MANEGERE means the set of sales techniques, client relationships management techniques and the “being” techniques needed to get new clients and develop revenue and make one’s client portfolio loyal

In the culture of MANEGERE there is no  «miracle sales technique» the firm adopts a pragmatic approach which is adapted to the specific environment of each of its clients.

Our commercial expertise developed by practicing with companies through BtoB, BtoC,sales on short term or on long term is made available to sales results.

Our results prove the efficiency of our services: our performance contract which links our remuneration to the growth of the results of your team members after providing our services, is a concrete evidence of this. We bill our services based on the results obtained with agreed performance indicators.

Your performances = Our added value

Our most sought after services in commercial effectiveness are consulting and training related :

  • Physical or telephone prospecting
  • Sales techniques
  • Technical and commercial approach
  • Sales negotiation
  • Handling complaints
  • Upselling
  • Client relationships management
  • « Know how to be a good sales person »