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Since Paris, the firm has spread throughout France and Europe.

The firm operates throughout France on the 4 areas of competence of the group (Management, Commercial Effectiveness, Operational Efficiency, Entrepreneurship) and develops a specific option: support for professional mobility.


Since Abidjan and Cotonou, the firm is spread throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Manegere Africa is in contact with the realities of the field.

In addition to the traditional services of the group, the firm also assists companies located on the continent in the management of service quality and recruitment as well as the provision of qualified staff.

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Since Tunis (Tunisia), the firm deploys throughout the Maghreb on the 4 areas of competence of the group with a perfect linguistic and cultural knowledge of the region. The consultants work in Arabic and master its cultural specificities.

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As an expert in training topics through partnerships with major players in higher education, research and the professional world, MANEGERE Education is now positioned as the performance partner of the world of education.

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