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With offices in Abidjan, Accra, Niamey and Cotonou, Manegere Afrique is closer to the field. Besides the regular services of the group, the firm  also supports companies operating on the continent in the management of the quality of their services and recruitment.


To manage the performance of African companies MANEGERE AFRIQUE often finds human resources in quantity and quality for them.

The African market is still one of the few markets where it is possible to

  • Set up a bank with its manager being the only staff
  • To recruit 200 technicians simultaneously in 5 countries ,
  • To hunt for a specific profile for 1 year before finding the right person

Recruitment for MANEGERE AFRIQUE is in 4 stages

  • The hunt
    • To help you find the resource that is missing in your set-up in order to move from performance to excellence
      • Target
      • Contact
      • Motivate and  Negotiate
    • Sourcing for CV
      • You just require to have a CV in your contact
      • Our CV portfolio is rich and full with past experience gathered with flagship clients
    • Assessing a CV
      • A CV does not reveal everything about the quality of the candidate, that is why we provide our services
        • Analyser le CV To analyse the CV
        • Cross check specifically each information provided in the CV
        • Check the authenticity of his certificates
        • Do the reference check
      • Recruitment
        • Like a science we need to determine if the candidate meet the equation E=MC3
          • E as Efficient candidate ?
          • M as the candidate being really motivated for the post?
          • C as the candidate being technically Competent for the post?
          • C as his ability to communicate with colleague ,clients and superiors ?
          • C as Congruent for his ability to be coherent in his words and actions?


  • We ensure that we identify the level of efficiency of a candidate
    • Detailled study of CV
    • Collecting additional data
    • Phone interview
    • Face to face interview

To find human resources ,MANEGERE AFRIQUE relies

  • On MANEGERE  group in Europe and Africa
  • A network of participants from its numerous trainings
  • Its team of trainers
  • As well its readers and correspondents on social media
    • LinkedIn
    • Blog
    • Facebook
    • Viadeo

  MANEGERE’s advantages

For each recruited candidate,we give the client

  • A report on the keys and conditions to a successful integration
  • A development plan if necessary
  • Support in taking office